Music Camp

Alex Jurgensen and Matthew Alvernaz stand, facing the camera. Matthew is holding his Saxophone with Alex in the background.

From left to right: Alex Jurgensen (16) and Matthew Alvernaz (13), two friends who met at Camp Bowen. Photo by Stuart Davis for the Vancouver Sun

Music Camp 2019 is designed to bring together low vision, blind, and Deafblind youth ages ten to eighteen from across the province for eight days on Bowen Island, BC, to learn the basics of playing musical instruments, build peer support networks, have fun, and gain confidence essential for full and equal participation in school band and other music programs in their communities alongside their sighted peers. Campers will explore the beginner band curriculum and will participate in an end of camp concert that their families, friends, and the Bowen Island community will be invited to attend. Giving campers skills and confidence in music fundamentals means campers can go on to take part in school band and community music programs.

Low vision, blind, and Deafblind students face significant challenges when beginning in music programs due to the highly visual nature of the methods commonly used in beginning band and other forms of music instruction. Our program is designed to give students a foundation of skills and confidence that they can use to bypass visual instruction by taking them through the first part of the beginner band curriculum in a non-visual manner that sets them up to succeed in mainstream band and music programs alongside their sighted peers.

Like all of Camp Bowen’s summer camp programs, Music Camp 2019 balances recreation and skills learning, with a focus on fun! At Camp Bowen, fun is at the core of what we do. Camp fires, hikes,, community outings, and board games are just some of the activities we offer. The skills taught through these fun activities prepare youth for truly life-long independence.


Youth ages 10 – 18 who are low vision, blind, or Deafblind
Music Camp 2019, an introduction to band instruments
Lodge At the Old Dorm, Bowen Island, BC
July 23 – 30, 2019
How Much
$20 (Special Celebratory Pricing)

Going to Camp Hornby?

If you are going to Camp Hornby’s outdoor program, ending on July 23, 2019, we will be meeting campers returning from Hornby Island at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal in West Vancouver and providing transport to Bowen Island. We will also have laundry services available at a cost of $10 for campers wishing to travel lighter between Hornby and Bowen. Both measures were put in place to ensure campers attending both programs would not need to worry about being able to make it to both.

A Price to Celebrate!

Camp Bowen is pleased to offer a special celebratory price this year of $20. This year marks the first time alumni have been invited to come and perform alongside the current year’s campers, bringing two generations of Camp Bowen campers together for an end of week concert that is sure to be full of fun and music.

Camp Bowen does not want campers to miss out due to an inability to pay the $20 registration fee. If you are unable to pay the registration fee, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your family.

End of Week Concert

At the end of the week, campers will have the opportunity to show off what they’ve learned in a concert that their friends, families, and the Bowen Island community will be invited to attend. There will also be a video filmed of the event that campers will receive a copy of.

The end of week concert will take place in the evening of Wednesday, July 30, 2019. In an effort to make the concert as accessible to as many audience members as possible, the concert will begin at 7:30 PM that night and will conclude with enough time for families leaving the island that night to make a ferry. Families returning via Departure Bay Ferry Terminal near Nanaimo will also be able to make the last ferry leaving Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal.

Drop Off

Campers will meet at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal in West Vancouver at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Campers coming from Camp Hornby will be met by Camp Bowen staff on their return trip from Hornby Island. Camp Bowen staff will be able to meet campers at YVR Airport, Pacific Centre Station (long-distance bus and rail), Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal, Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, and potentially other places. If you need some assistance getting your child to camp, please do not hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to accommodate.

Pick Up

For families attending the end of week concert, pick up will be on Bowen Island and will follow the event. For families unable to attend the concert, if your child needs to stay an extra night to be able to travel home the next day or if you need them returned to a different location, please reach out and discuss with one of our staff and we will work together on finding a solution.


Please Note: The Lodge At the Old Dorm, mentioned below, is not our usual camp venue.

Campers will stay at the historic Lodge At the Old Dorm on beautiful Bowen Island. A quick 20 minute ride from the shore of West Vancouver, Bowen Island has been the home of Camp Bowen since 1962.

Campers usually share a room with one other camper. all room mate assignments will be with campers of the same gender. If you have a concern about this, please contact us and we will work on alternate arrangements for your child(ren).


Registrations should be submitted before June 30, 2019. You can find the registration form here.

Space will be limited and camper spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

If you need to register at a later date for any reason, please let us know and we may be able to help though each request will be looked at on a case by case basis.

If you are attempting to register after this date, please reach out and find out if there is still space available.

Questions, Concerns, and Comments

We welcome you to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. You can reach our camp coordinator, Alex Jurgensen, at +1 (604) 947-0021 or +1 (844) 692-6936. His extension is 102. You can alternately use any of these other methods to contact us.