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Interview with Bowen Veterinary Services

july 14, 2004
Interview with the Vet

Today we interviewed a man named Doctor Alastair  Westcott, who is a vet. A vet is a doctor who fixes sick and injured animals. He said that he does the same thing for animals that our doctor does for us. When we got their we met karen who is the receptionest then we met Stephany who is the doctor’s helper. She showed us around the office. We saw the waiting room and then the  examining room, the treatment room for animals who need an x/ray to see if any bones are broken or some minor treatment and then the operating room. She let us pet her dog named Magnum. Then we got to listen to his heart beat with a stethoscope. We also got to hear a dog’s heart beating who was having an operation. He was Magnum’s brother.   The doctor put him to sleep before the operation  by putting a needle in his paw.  He started to wake up before we left and he was whining. After that we asked the doctor  some questions like what was the most  unusual animal you’ve  ever treted and he said “a lizard, a snake, a whale and an emu”.

A riddle from Soma;

I have four legs, long hair, and long ears. What am I?

Questions for Bowen Veterinary Services

questions for The Vet

  1. What is your name and how do you spell it?
  2. What do you do as a vet?
  3. What do you like  about your job?
  4. where did you train for your job?
  5. How long did you train for?
  6. Why did you decide to become a vet?
  7. How many animals do you see each day?
  8. Do you deep the animals in cages?
  9. What types of sicknesses do the animals have?
  10. Do you have any pets of  your own?
  11. What is the most unusual animal you’ve ever treated?

Interview with Kim

July 14 interview with Kim story by Soma Ali

Kimberly was born in 1983 in North Vancouver She is now twenty years old and on September 3. she’ll be twenty one. She used to teach sailing and really loved it. she also loves working at CNIB and this is her first year at Bowen lodge. Kim has a dog named boscoe. her family decided to name him bosco because her father always goes to Koscoe and they wanted a name that rimes with Koscoe. When Boscoe was four he had pancreatis. 
She will start school in September. kim really likes old types of music because when she was little she always listened to that kind. kim lives on Nanaimo Island. Her favourite ban is the beetles. Kim doesn’t like sleeping in at all. She says it is a waste of  time. She says if she could have another job at Bowen she    would love to be  a life guard

kim harison july 13 2004
Interview by the Vancouver Dragons and the bigs

kim who is the manager of our camp was born on September e. 1983 in north Vancouver but lives in nanaimo  when she is not at Camp Bowen with her brother, parents and pet dog which I’ll tell you  about later. She is going to college to learn to work plannign recretion programs for kids. kim taught sailing for six years. She saw an add in a paper for the job at Camp Bowen and she likes working with children so she applied and bot the job. We are glad she did! she would like to come back next year. She likes working with the kids and staff at Bowen and she likes living here because it is so beautiful on the island. She has also worked as a life gard and will need to do her certificate for that again  soon.  Kim will work at Camp Bowen until her birthday in september when she will go back to Nanaimo and go back to school  again. kim’s favourite animal is her dog boscoe. He is a Doberman and  German Shepard cross and he 7 years old. He is a big dog and weighs 80 pounds! Kim says that boscoe  sleeps on her bed with her with his own pillow. He showers with her He wears t:shirts he wears a seatbelt in the car he wears a life jacket when swimming  he even sits at the table even though he doesn’t eat there and she brushes his teeth with chicken toothpaste! Kim has tasted the toothpaste and says it tastes terrible to her. Boscoe was named by Kim’s dad who likes to go to the store Kostco and he wanted to name the dog something that rimes with Costco so he picked Boscoe. He got sick once when he ate some turkey and was at the vet’s  for two weeks. He almost died turkey is bad for a dog so don’t feed your dog turkey! Boscoe got hurt once when Cameron, kim’s brother was playing basketball. When Cameron threw the ball high up in the air to hit  hit it with a bat Boscoe jumped up to get the ball and got hit with the bat and had some teeth broken. cameron was sad about that accident but Coscoe got better. Thanks Kim for the interesting  interview and especially for telling us about Boscoe.

Irly Bird

Joshua July 13,
Irlybird Story and interview

Bowen Island.

The favourite thing I sa at the Irlybird was a big  hollow  round tube with sides on it and it was a long echo and i learned was a specific tank. Do you know what my second favourite thing is a fork lift I’m going to tell you about it! It was a huge fork lift truck and it could carry lots of lumber and it could dump it on to a truck. i went in to a truck at the Irlybird which by the way  you should know is a huge lumber place! A big lumber yard is a  huge place that carries  lumber, wood, pipes and cement and there is paint hammers oil drain pipes wheel barrows and stuff like that.  i got to go in a few trucks and see almost anything that has to do with wheels to lumber and all sorts of stuff you’d expect would be at Homedeapo and Cassco! I got to go home to camp in a big truck at the lumber yard place I hope you have  a good time about the day you come to the big lumber place! I got to feel a fork lift and i got to drive it! I got to feel all the stacks of lumber and that and i got to feel the ties that go on the railroad tracks!

What do you think I am?

1. I carry lumber on two prongs I go up and down i have 4 wheels I do not have a radio and I don’t have any doors what am I?

You can find me at the Irlbird or any other lumber yard!

2. i am about a kind of wall, a stack of blank what am i?

I saw a trailor with 8 wheels in the back and no wheels in the front  Find out about it! only joking there wer lots of stuff to do there and there were lots  and lots of trucks always going in or comming out of the place. I hope you go there again and I hope you see me here again at the Irlybird.

Irly Bird Building Centre

Irlybird building Centre
July 14, 2004

At irlybird I got to go in to a truck. irlybird is a place where you get lumber and other stuff too. I went in the truck and started it and i also  pushed the gas pedal. The man who owned the truck was Dean. We got to see the wheel barrows, one was the little one and one was the big wheel barrow. We got to push the  two wheel barrows. The little wheel barrow was too hard to push and the big one was OK. I got  to sit on the forklift and the guy who drove it was Dean. We saw a trailor you can stand on. The trailor is very very big. Another truck came in and clement, me, Annie, Michael and josh went to the truck to see it. The guy who drove the truck was Edward. he had a deisel truck. We saw shingles that you can put on yor roof. My finger almost got a sliver from the pointy shingles. We had a lot of fun. We got to have pop. Me and Josh had cream soda and Clement to have coke.   We got to have an interview with the manager. We got to take pictures with three other people and Dave. John said  that visually impaired coud not work because it’s  dangerous.  We got to go on the truck with Dean and he drove us back to the lounge except for michael and Annie.  They gave us hats and fifty two balloons. We saw a hammer but it was too greasy. when we came in the car we saw a barbecue maker. We saw many trucks comming in and comming out of the arking lot. We saw pipes which you can by for a toilet.