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Community Notice, Fund Raiser Postponement

Due to the weather we have been having lately, we decided to hold this fund raiser in April instead of October. We hope you will be able to enjoy the nicer weather April brings and that the outing will be all the brighter.

Please keep an eye on this page for further details.

You can also let us know that ou would like to be added to our community alerts list and we can e-mail or call you with updates on this and future events.

We appologize for any inconvenience.


Alex Jurgensen,

Community Coordinator,

Join Us In Vancouver for an Exciting Event, Car and Transit Rally Fun for the whole Family

Dear Community Members,  

As a member of  the Camp Bowen Working Group a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing summer camp opportunities for BC residents who are blind or visually impaired, I am please to invite you to our first ever fundraiser. The group will be hosting car and transit rallies on Sunday, October 16, 2011 in Vancouver. The transit rally is intended for those who wish to participate in the rally without the need to drive.

This is a family oriented event meaning that families will be able to participate as a group. In this rally, the visually impaired members of families will be the navigators while members without visual impairments, such as parents, will be the drivers and everyone will have to work together to solve the location of our mystery destination. We will meet up at the front of the CNIB (5055 Joyce Street, Vancouver) at 9:45a.m. where we will hand out directions on how to reach the final destination of the car rally. The rally is estimated to take around two hours. We will meet at the endpoint around 11:00a.m. for a group picnic so please bring your blankets and food. It will be a great opportunity to meet everyone, socialize, and have fun. While at the park the group will be selling Braille puzzle books that contain little sayings that can be decoded using a cheat sheet. We will also be selling bookmarks with people’s names on them in Braille. The puzzle books will cost $5.00 and the bookmarks will be $1.00 for one bookmark, $2.00 for 3 bookmarks, and $5.00 for six bookmarks.  

Please let us know if you’re planning to attend so that we can have an idea of how many books to bring as well as how many people will be attending the picnic. To get further details or sign up for this exciting event please contact Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator at: 778-908-0521 or Soma Ali, Community Coordinator at: 604 783-8562.

Look forward to seeing you on October 16, 2011 for a wonderfully fantastic time. 

From Soma Ali  

President and Secretary for the Camp Bowen Working Group.

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On The First Day of Adult Camp, My Experiences (Partt 1)

Please forgive me if this post seems a little different than my other posts. This is my first journal style post and I am sorry if it isn’t consistent with my writing.

On the first day of the 2011 Adult retreat, my friend Jag and I got a ride from my Dad out to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. We arrived, paid for our tickets and then my Dad escorted us onto the upper deck of the ferry, where we were assisted by a BC Ferries employee who kindly showed us to the main level of the ferry.

Once we arrived on Bowen, we were guided off the ferry by the ferry staff and began walking up the main road. After having missed the turn onto Cardina, a very small road that I mistook for a parking lot entrance, we were set on our path again by one of the Translink bus drivers who kindly stopped half way up the block and ask us if we were lost.

The trip down Cardina was the familiar trek I had done many times through the years. The winding road that curves at about the point where it meets up with the Bowen lodge was quite uneventful, although I could feel the anticipation mounting. We found the lodge entrance exactly where it had always been and approached the front counter. This was when the first real change hit us. The front entrance way had been completely redone and the absence of our good friend John P. threw me off for a few moments.

After chatting with one of the new managers, David, about the renovations that would be occurring during our stay, we decided to go and tour the grounds for ourselves. Everything was the good and familiar home where I had grown up summer after summer. While the swings I had swung on in my childhood were gone and the sounds of hammering could be heard echoing across the lawn, it was still a sense of relief to see that old place.

It was when we were walking across the waterfront that the second group of campers arrived. We first heard them calling to us from the top of the hill that leads up to the deck and the lodge proper.

This story will be continued shortly in part 2 of this series.


Alex Jurgensen,

The Camp Bowen Working Group,


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Big Unvailing Coming Soon, Stay Tuned

I am really excited to announce that the Camp Bowen website will be unvailing some fun community opportunities in the coming weeks. In addition, the site will be receiving a variety of new features and services.

Keep an eye out on CampBowen.ca for announcements.


Alex Jurgensen,

The Camp Bowen Working Group,

Updates to the Memories Page, New Content

Recently, new content was added to the
page of the Camp Bowen website. This includes a new
section that contains links to pictures and information about Camp Bowen.

We hope you enjoy this new section. If you have anything to contribute,
let us know


The Camp Bowen Working Group,

Adult Camp 2011, A Success

The adult retreat that was organized by the Camp Bowen Working Group on the weekend of July 8 to July 10 2011 was the team’s first organized summer camp project. It is a first in a series of steps that the Camp Bowen Working Group is taking in order to restore the Camp Bowen project.

We arrived at the Bowen Island Lodge (The Bowen Lodge by the Sea) on Friday and enjoyed three adventure filled days. Throughout the next few weeks, I will be posting about our trip.

Thanks to the Bowen Island Lodge staff, our campers and my fellow directors for putting in a lot of hard work and effort.

Thank You,

The Camp Bowen Working Group,

2012 Adult Retreat Registration Form

Camper Agreement

By participating in the 2011 Adult Retreat, coordinated by the Camp Bowen Working Group, you hereby understand and agree to be legally bound by the following:

Camper Conduct

Disclaimer of Liability
  1. As an attendee of the program you are responsible for your own actions and the consiquences that may arise as a result.
  2. You hereby understand that the role of the Camp Bowen Working Group in the 2011 Adult Retreat program is to act merely as a single point of contact for attendees. No special coverage will be provided to attendees, beyond that which is available from the Bowen Lodge by the Sea to its visitors.
  3. You furthermore agree to hold the Camp Bowen Working Group, its staff, volunteers, directors, partners and other associates as not liable for any damages or injuries resulting from your attendance at this program, whether accidental or purposeful.
  4. You also agree to pay in full the amount due to rectify any damages that you inflict while attending the program.
  5. In addition, you consent to defend the Camp Bowen Working Group, its staff, volunteers, partners, directors and associates in any court case resulting from your involvement in the 2011 Ault Retreat.
  6. You acknowledge that all court proceedings involving the Camp Bowen Working Group will be handled in the courts in the jurisdiction of the province of British Columbia, to the extent permitted under the law.

You hereby acknowledge that the Camp Bowen Working Group retains the right to update this agreement at any time and that is your responsibility to be up to date and in in compliance with any updates to this agreement.

Note (August 21, 2017): The contact form that was on this part of the page has gone missing.

Last updated on: August 3, 2012


Youth and Children Camps

Going to Camp Hornby?

We are pleased to announce that, in concert with the Camp Hornby Society, we will be offering free accompanied transportation from Camp Bowen to Camp Hornby for campers wishing to attend both programs. We are also offering laundry services at a cost of $5, so that campers attending Hornby can have a fresh set of clothing before leaving Bowen.


July 20-24

What to Expect

Camp Bowen is one of the few summer camps in Western Canada that offers its campers the opportunity to develop the independent living skills, self-confidence and support networks they will need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing world. Informative activities are combined with a balanced recreational atmosphere to ensure campers have fun and learn in a way that bests meets their individual goals, whether they be learning how to run a website or how to pour water for the first time.

Campers will receive the opportunities to learn about the everyday topics that they wonder most about from our talented team of community mentors, who will share their own real life experiences of living with a visual impairment. Added to this is a focus on fostering friendships and giving campers the tools and support networks to deal with every day situations.

And, yes, there are many recreational activities to be done. From playing showdown to swimming in the private swimming area, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Our Staff Team

All of our recreational and educational staff are volunteers. Our team consists of industry leaders, educators, creatives, musicians, visually impaired mentors, blindness professionals, parents and many others. The one thing we all share is a passion for seeing children and teens reach their fullest potentials.

Past Activities

Please note: Some of these activities predate the running of the camps by the Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired and are referenced for historical purposes only. The Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired’s first camp was run in 2011. Nevertheless, the camp format has been retained and the below themes should provide some insight into what to expect for this year.

Theme Ages Focus
Community Exploration (2002) 8-12

Campers had the opportunity to visit with and experience some of the daily jobs of Bowen Island residents. While some campers explored the bakery and got to bake some bread, others visited the pottery studio and worked with clay. All in all, about 12 businesses were visited during a 4 day period. All campers had a chance to interview the employees they worked alongside and each day was rounded out by campers sharing their adventures with their peers.

Iron Chef (2008) 13-18

Campers were introduced to the basics of cooking with a visual impairment. Groups of campers prepared lunches each day and competed against rival groups for the “most creative variation” on lunch.

The Office (2010) 13-18

Campers were introduced to the job application process and have the opportunity to speak with visually impaired mentors that came from a variety of work backgrounds. The mentors were able to provide insight into the application process, when to safely disclose visual impairment, interviewing and many other topics besides. Many of them even conducted mock interviews.

The campers also strengthened team building skills by producing crafts for sale at the Bowen Island Sunday market. They decided the proceeds should be donated to two charitable organizations.

Current Activities

The full list of activities can be provided to parents upon request. We don’t wish to spoil the surprise for our campers and feel that righting it here may just give this years theme away.

Some activities that are consistent from year to year follow:


Our experienced lifeguards and recreational staff oversee waterfront activities including swimming in our private swimming area, taking campers on short boating trips and just relaxing on our private dock.


Showdown, which can perhaps be best described as a cross between ping pong and air hockey, is a camp favourite. Campers try to score on each other’s goals and often collect a crowd of spectators around them. All players are blind folded for fairness.

Camp Fire

A tradition onto itself, the singing of the Camp Bowen song and other camp fire favourites are always a fun event.

Small Groups

Groups of campers get together with one of our visually impaired community mentors to discuss the issues important to them. The mentor guides the discussion and offers input from their own experiences of living with a visual impairment. Campers often learn much from their peers about dealing with life’s challenges.

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are often brought in to speak to the campers about current events in the visually impaired community or the week’s topic.

BC Blind Sports

Campers get to experience a wide variety of sporting activities, many of which they can continue when they return home. Adaptive running, cycling, soccer and others are among the usual events and techniques learned can be adopted by campers when they return to school in the fall.

These activities are provided in partnership with BC Blind Sports.

Who Can Attend

The camps are open to all Canadian children and youth who are visually impaired or blind (Ages 7-18) and their sighted siblings. Campers will be divided into age appropriate groups (Usually 7-12 and 13-18) and will have correspondingly different program schedules.

Parents may accompany their children to camp. We merely ask that prior notice given to a community coordinator at the time of registration.


  • $264 + tax – Room sharing with one other camper
  • $465 + tax – Private room


Five Community Coordinators will be traveling the province to accompany campers to camp. They can also provide assistance with booking transportation.

Further Information

The activity schedule for the camp is available to parents by calling Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator, at: (778) 908-0521. We don’t want to give away the surprises in store to our campers and feel that publicly writing it hear may just ruin the surprise. Alex is also available to answer any questions you may have.


Please call Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator, at: (778) 908-0521 for a registration form.

Adult Camp 2011, A Great Opertunity to Get Away From Everything

The Camp Bowen Working Group’s Adult Camp Program is a program whose goal
is to provide adults who are blind and visually impaired and are
living in the Province an opportunity to go to camp in the summer, We want
to give adults a chance to meet up with old friends and meet new
The adult camps have been a great opportunity for adults to get away
from work and families and have a chance to relax at the lodge where
they can hang out with other adults and not have to worry about
anything. The CBwg would like to provide adults with the opportunity
to get away from the routines of there daily lives and rejuvenate for
a weekend. The members of the CBWg will be there to supervise and make
sure the camps run smoothly and to be there as first aid people if
someone gets hurt but will also participate in some of the activities.
We’d like to host the adult camps for  3 too  5-days for 1 to 2 weeks, but this depends on the interest from the community.
The registrations for 2011 can be found on our web site at www.campbowen.ca/programs/. Just fill it out  and submit it on line.

The Countdown is On, Only 26 Days Left in the Poetry Competition

This is just a reminder that submissions for our 2011 Poetry Competition must be submitted before May the 28, 2011 at 11:59 PM Vancouver time.

Feel free to invite anyone you think will be interested to the competition. New participants are always welcome.

Good Luck,

The Camp Bowen Working Group,