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Adult Camp 2016 Sing-Along – Good Night Irene

Our sing-along ended with “Good Night Irene”.

Adult Camp 2016 Sing-Along – The Corner Master’s Store

A discussion about eyes leads into us singing “The Corner Master’s Store”.

Adult Camp 2016 Sing-Along – Down By The Bay

We sang another camp favourite, “Down By The Bay”. In true Camp Bowen style, we came up with verses for each camper.

And here is us coming up with more verses for “Down By The Bay”.

Adult Camp 2016 Sing-Along – The Camp Bowen Song

This is where the sing-along really got started. Some of the younger campers, led by Peg on guitar, introduced Adult Camp to the Camp Bowen Song, which was traditionally played at child and youth camps. Partway through, Danielle came out and joined us.

Here are more verses for the Camp Bowen Song, including a new one from Peg.

Liz, a nurse by profession, had another idea for the verse about the nurse.

Adult Camp 2016 Sing-Along – Country Roads

Here is a video of some of us singing John Denver’s “Country Roads”.

And here’s part 2 of us singing “Country Roads”.

Adult Camp 2016 Sing-Along – Fire & Rain

On Thursday night, we had a campfire and sing-along on the patio. Here’s a clip of a few of us singing James Taylor’s “Fire & Rain”.

Young Adult and Adult Camp Group Photo

All campers from the 2016 adult retreat on the patio of the Bowen Island Lodge with Deep Bay in the background.

On the morning of Thursday, August 11, everyone gathered on the patio for a group photo. This photo was taken by Lorraine Ashdown from Bowen Island.

Pictured in the photo are Alex, Byron, Clement, Danielle, Donna, Jessica, Jocelyn, Matthew, Monica (with guide dog Ash), Nelson, Owen, Peg, Roi, Salvatore, and Vera.

Welcome to Young Adult and Adult Camp 2016

Hello, Everyone.

The Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired has confirmed dates for this year’s young adult/adult retreat. It will take place from August 8-12 (maximum four nights) at the Bowen Lodge. Anyone planning to attend can register for less than four nights if preferred.

A 3 day, 2 night all-inclusive stay costs $50.05 for those who qualify for Persons with disability benefits and $250.05 for everyone else. To find out exactly how much camp will cost for you, use our handy calculator.

The registration deadline is noon on July 28. Find the registration form here.

If you have any questions, Feel free to contact us at: +1 (844) 692-6936

We hope you can join us.

The Camp Bowen Team

2016 Young Adult and Adult Retreat, What’s Happening This Year?

  • Note: This announcement applies to the young adult and adult programs for ages 19+. Child and Youth programs will return in 2017.
  • Note: If you haven’t been to Bowen before, check out the following links for additional information:


Spring is here and along with it the beginning of a new camp season at Camp Bowen.

Before we get into information about camp, we’d like to take a moment and address the concern that the Bowen Island Lodge, formerly the Bowen Lodge by the Sea, has been sold. While this is true, there are no plans to change the course of operations under the new leadership. The Camp Bowen project will continue to operate summer camps at the lodge, directed by the Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired.

With that out of the way, we can move onto this year’s plans.

  • note: Ministry funding up to and including $200 is available for BC Residents on income assistance.

This year, we are pleased to announce a combined young adult and adult retreat that will happen in August, coordinated by longtime camper Peg Mercer, who has recently joined us as 2016’s Adult Camp Coordinator. Peg is currently canvasing the visually impaired community and would like input on the following:

  1. The best dates. There are tentative plans for camps from either Tuesday, August 02 to Sunday, August 07 or Monday, August 29 to Friday, September 2. This is the most important question, as we must finalize the dates by May 1, 2016.
  2. How many nights would you like to stay? 2 nights are $240, 3 nights are $360, 4 nights are $480, and 5 nights are $600. This is based on campers sharing a room with one other person. To get a private room, add $60 to the nightly cost.
  • Note that an amount for gratuities for the meals would be added over and above.
  • Note: We have a 10 room minimum we must meet in order for the program to be successful.

The cost breakdown is as follows:

Cost Description
$60.00 Cost per night per shared room
$60.00 Cost per night, upgraded to a single room
$60.00 Meals per day (plus gratuities)
$6.05 Ferry cost roundtrip to the island from the mainland (Disability card holders and companions only)
$12.10 Full fair for the ferry’s roundtrip to the island from the mainland.

If you have any further questions or would like to register, please feel free to contact Peg Mercer, Adult Camp Coordinator, at peg@campbowen.ca or at +1 (604) 218-3678.

The Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired,

A Chapter of the Canadian Counsel of the Blind

Special September Session at Camp Bowen, Sunshine, Discounts and a Weekend of Fun!

Recently, we announced the availability of a new September session out here at Camp Bowen. The new session will run from Saturday, September 5 to Monday, September 7, otherwise known as the 2015 September long weekend. This program will be geared towards adults 19 years and older and will share a format with our standard adult camp and young adult camp programs, that is to say, campers get a choice between structured activities or free time.

This is the first session for which we have widely available funding to help offset the cost of camp. To find out if you are eligible for funding, simply call +1 (844) 692-6936 and ask to speak to your local community coordinator.

Note: You don’t need to qualify for funding in order to take advantage of this extra camp!

To find out more, please visit the Adult Camp or young adult camp sections of campbowen.ca or call your local community cooardinator at +1 (844) 692-6936.

We look forward to seeing you at camp.