Adult Retreat

A group of adult campers sit on the deck during the Adult Retreat at Camp Bowen
A group of adult campers sit on the deck during the Adult Retreat at Camp Bowen. Photo credit: Lorraine Ashdown

About Adult Retreat

6 Days (5 Nights)
Next Session
August 22-27, 2023
$250 (funding available)
Travel support available
Bowen Lodge by the Sea (get directions)

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Camp Description

Do you need some refreshing ways to get away this summer? Are you 19 or older and a Bowen alumni? Perhaps you are just finding out about Camp Bowen and are curious to know what it is all about?

Weather you like hiking or board games, a fun filled adventure or a relaxing retreat, learning new skills or connecting with friends, Camp Bowen has you covered. Relax on our on-site dock or swim in our roped off swimming area. We also hear our patio is a great place to have a late night conversation.

If adventure is your style, explore the many sites Bowen Island British Columbia has to offer. Find shops, spas, pubs and more within easy walking distance of the lodge. And, if you need some help to get there, our staff are here to help.

If you’d like something a little more structured, opt in activities are planned for the entire duration of the adult retreat. Learn new skills from our independent living skills instructors, explore accessible recreation, or go on an island tour.

Finally, if you are the kind of person who just likes to do their own thing, that’s great. We will support you too in any way we can. Our knowledgeable staff are available around the to help.

Camp Streams

This year we are excited to introduce the concept of streams to Adult Retreat. We have 3 streams available in 2023, General, Songwriting/Music Exploration, and Young Adult Independence.

General Stream

The General Stream is the traditional Adult Retreat and encompasses recreation, camp fires, optional structured activities, free time, and everything else Adult Retreat is known for.

Songwriting/Music Exploration Stream

In the Songwriting/Music Exploration Stream, campers learn how to compose original songs through activities that help them discover and refine their musical abilities as songwriters. The stream also encourages campers to explore music in new ways and helps them incorporate what they find into their own creations. At the end of the week, campers have the opportunity to share their songs in the end of camp talent show. Camp Bowen staff are very pleased to be working alongside Masceo Williams of MEW Productions to produce this exciting new stream.

Young Adult Independence Stream

The Young Adult Independence Stream offers campers ages 19 to 30 basic independence living skills through a series of workshops led by our independence living skills and cane travel instructors. This stream also offers unstructured free time to attend recreational activities or take the free time to just hang out with friends.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We do not want funding to be a barrier for anyone who wishes to attend Camp Bowen. Funding is available to cover camp fees and travel expenses and ranges from partial funding to full funding, depending on available funds. Please contact us for details.


To register, fill out the camp registration form.

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