Camp Bowen

All campers from the 2016 adult retreat on the patio of the Bowen Island Lodge with Deep Bay in the background.
Photo by Lorraine Ashdown

For more than half a century, Camp Bowen has been a second home to its campers and a cornerstone of Canada’s Blind and Deafblind Community. For many Canadians living with blindness or Deafblindness, Camp Bowen is the one place where they can truly be themselves. Whether it is swimming independently for the first time or just meeting likeminded people, Bowen is a sanctuary, where blindness and Deafblindness are not barriers and campers are encouraged to reach their full potentials.


Camp Bowen provides fun and engaging retreats for blind and Deafblind Canadians of all ages to come together, share and learn. No matter how you like to spend your time, we have a program that’s got you covered.

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The Camp Bowen Society offers blindness/Deafblindness skills training to blind and Deafblind Canadians.

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The Bowen Island Recreation, Training and Meeting Centre Project

There are three goals for this project . The first is to create a recreation, training and meeting Centre to house a ten-month intensive blindness/Deafblindness skills training program from September to June and summer independence camps for blind and Deafblind children, youth, adults, and their families during July and August. The second goal is to raise sufficient funds to ensure that the first two years of the programs’ costs are covered while longer-term funding is secured. The last goal is to invest 20% of the money raised through this project with a community foundation to ensure long-term operational costs remain covered.

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Who We Are

The Camp Bowen Society for the Independence of the Blind and Deafblind is a federal not-for-profit organization that operates the Camp Bowen summer camps, independent living skills training, and other programs benefiting people who are blind and Deafblind. On Bowen Island we run the Bowen Island Accessibility Group, a program geared generally towards promoting advocacy and peer support of people with disabilities and our allies.

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Help Us Move Forward!

Together, we can ensure every blind and Deafblind Canadian and their families have the opportunity to connect, live with dignity and independence, build friendships and reach their full potentials.

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Get in Touch

Have a question, suggestion or comment, please contact us and speak to one of our team members.