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Adult Camps

We are honoured to be the host organization of the Adult Retreat program on Bowen Island for the 4th consecutive year. Join us for season 51 of Camp Bowen and relax by the cool summer water or take a stroll among the friendly community of sunny Bowen Island. Reconnect with old friends and perhaps make a few new ones. No matter what your favourite pastime is, there is sure to be a lot of fun in store for you this year.


June 27-29 (See below for extended dates)
$259 (room sharing with 1 other person) or $399 (individual room)
Meals provided:
  • Light lunch Friday
  • Dinner Friday
  • Breakfast Saturday
  • Lunch Saturday
  • Dinner Saturday
  • Breakfast Sunday
  • Light lunch Sunday

Eating Off-site

If you plan to eat any meals off-site, please indicate this on your registration form and we can adjust your pricing accordingly.

Extended Dates

By popular request we are exploring the possibility of extending this year’s adult camp through to July 1st. We ask that all campers wishing to see this option move forward please take the time to indicate their interest on their registration forms. To register, please see below.

Questions, Transportation and Registration

Registrations can either be downloaded here or filled out via telephone (See below).

For questions or to get assistance with booking transportation, please call Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator for the Bowen Island region, at: +1 (778) 908-0521.

3 Local Grade 8 Students Come Together to Send Kids to School in Ghana, Join Camp Bowen Volunteers in Welcoming the Team to Boen When the Safety Boat Docks at the Lodge

On Saturday, May 24, Luke, Willem and Angus, 3 grade 8 students from Island Pacific School on Bowen Island, will be participating in a triathlon to raise money to help send their pen pals to high school. The boys’ pen pals live at the Royal Seed Home Orphanage in Casoa, Ghana. For most children at the Royal Seed Home, high school is merely a dream. After grade 9, most of them will go onto work hard labour jobs.

Luke Willem and Angus want to make the dream of high school into a reality for as many children as possible. In their own words: “We hope to raise enough money to send as many children to high school as we can, to allow them to get educated so they might get well paying jobs. We hope this will break the poverty cycle for them, boost their local economy and in turn may allow for even more children to go to high school in future, maybe eventually help stabilize the country and make it a better place.” (www.Tri4Ghana.com)

The triathlon will start in North Vancouver’s Deep Cove. From there, Luke will bike to White Cliff Park in West Vancouver (Approx 41 KM). From White Cliff Park, Willem will swim through 8C water to Sandy Beach, Bowen Island (Approx 3.5 KM). Sandy Beach is located just outside the property line here at Camp Bowen. Once Willem reaches Sandy Beach, Angus will run up to the top of Mount Gerdner and then down to Snug Cove, where he will finish at Island Pacific School (Approx 12.5 KM). For complete details on the event and for instructions on donating to this great cause, please visit www.Tri4Ghana.com. A video explaining more about the event follows:

We at the Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired wish Luke, Willem and Angus the best of luck with their event.

Camp Bowen staff will be on the lodge dock to help guide in the safety boat that will accompany Willem and see the passengers to Sandy Beach where we will cheer on Angus as he begins his leg of the race. Last year, Island Pacific School provided us with student and teacher volunteers to help with camp improvement projects and we look forward to supporting the team as it heads across on Saturday.

If you wish to spectate from the vantage point of the dock as Willem comes in, please call Alex Jurgensen, Community Coordinator, at: +1 (778) 908-0521.

Happy Triathloning