Teen TECH Camp

A teen looks at the camera, wearing a red hoodie. He is slightly smiling. This picture was taken on the patio of the Bowen lodge by the Sea just outside the main doors into the dining hall.

About Teen TECH Camp

7 Days (6 Nights)
Next Session
Summer 2024 (TBA)
$195 (funding available)
Travel support available
Bowen Lodge by the Sea (get directions)

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Camp Description

Please note: Children and youth ages 8 to 18 might also be interested in Camp Bowen: Linda Evans Memorial Music Camp 2023.

The 2024 Teen TECH camp is currently in the preliminary planning stages. For more information, please check back on this page or use the form below to join the mailing list to get updates as details become available.

Confidence and Independence Through Recreation

Like all of Camp Bowen’s summer independence camp programs, Teen TECH Camp balances recreation and skills learning, with a focus on fun and friendship! Campfires, hikes, community outings, self-defense, swimming/boating, and board games are just some of the activities Camp Bowen offers. The skills taught through these fun activities prepare youth for truly life-long independence and build their confidence.


We do not want funding to be a barrier for any child or teen who wishes to attend Camp Bowen. Funding is available to cover camp fees and travel expenses and can be requested during the registration process.


Registration is not yet open for Teen TECH Camp 2024.

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